Brick Facades

order modafinil netherlands Brick and stone masonry have served as reliable and valuable elements of residential and commercial building projects for centuries, gracing urban and rural landscapes since time immemorial. Builders have trusted clay brick to bring durability and sustainable qualities as well as good performance in moisture and thermal protection to their projects.

Attractive Brick Facades

check here More recently, brick facades or veneers have begun to offer attractive structural potential with high strength-to-weight ratios, and masonry veneers are available in literally thousands of configurations and looks. Many have been taking advantage of both the timeless aesthetics and the modern capabilities unique to masonry veneers, as well as manufactured stone and natural stone. Each offers a unique look and performance benefits.

When considering brick and masonry materials, it is important to recognize that each material possesses its own inherent characteristics that are important to evaluate for each project application. For example, brick ranks high when it comes to aesthetics and durability. With a life expectancy of 75-100 years, brick is a highly sustainable material; it is also 100% recyclable and offers what many consider a classic visual quality to the façade that is unlikely to go out of fashion.

With hundreds of brick colors and a wide variety of textures, combinations can be from smooth hospital white walls to warm red and brown tones reminiscent of a colonial mansion. And because it is laid in the field, brick—like other unit masonry products—works well with uniquely shaped structures.

In addition to its attractive appeal, durability makes a brick facade a popular choice. Under normal conditions, brick will last the life of the building with little more than an occasional wash with the hose. Although it is considered permanent, masonry does deteriorate, generally at the mortar joints, which are the gaps between bricks that are filled with mortar. If your masonry is beginning to deteriorate, Mark Scanlon Masonry can repoint your masonry walls as well.