Chimneys and Chimney Repair

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click here now What more appealing scene can you think of then to be able to cuddle up  in a comfortable chair next to the fireplace hearth on a cool winter night, as the sounds  of crackling logs linger in your ear, as the warmth of the fire fills your senses and the flames flickers across the room.   A well designed and maintain fireplace can add all of this and more to our life.  Now days many of us use our fireplace to heat our homes and our fireplace and chimney are indispensable.  When we get one of those Nor’easters that happen every so often having a fireplace and chimney in good working  order can make the difference of being able to stay in your home or having to find shelter elsewhere.  Sometimes we tend to not think about our chimneys till we need them or something happens to them, but one of the best ways to ensure that they will be there when we need them is to have them  cleaned and inspected on a yearly basis.  If you maintain and repair your chimney regularly the cost will be quite low.

The well designed fireplace not only adds to the beauty of a home, but  is also one of the main focal point in our lives and homes.  As a focal point in the home your Fireplace needs to be in good working order.  One of the most important  things to remember is that a fireplace or chimney needs to breath.  This means that a chimney that has a leak in it or flashing that needs to be repaired is not in good working order and it may cause other water damage to your home.  A functional Fireplace makes a house into a home, as the usefulness of a fire’s warmth brings a feeling of comfort and hospitality into your home.  The chimney is a dominant and interesting architectural feature on the exterior of our homes, and adds an attractive element of interest and design.  The fireplace in the home is a central feature where we gather around and entertain friends and family, and enjoy good times. Those of us who have a Fireplace in our homes place a high value on them. It’s hard to imagine coming home on cold winter night  and cuddling up to a furnace.

Maintenance of your Chimney

Here are some points to consider in the maintenance of your chimney: Always burn clean dry wood, green or wet wood will build up creosote in the Flue Liners and that can lead to a Chimney Fire. When burning any wood don’t restrict the air flow all the time. Every so often, open the air flow and burn a good hot fire for a while. This will burn off some of the creosote build up, thus a leaving you safer Chimney. Chimneys must be maintained regularly.Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected by a certified Masonry professional ever year. Summer is a good time of year to do this, as it’s easy to see any damage that might have occurred the winter before and a good time to make any needed repairs that need to be done. Brick tuckpointing can be cleaned and sealed better at this time of year than in the winter.

Chimney Repairs

Most all of the Fireplace Chimney problems that we repair are caused by water damage.  In the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas there are thousands of water damaged chimneys.  All it takes is a small crack to let water penetrate the masonry crown of a chimney, and the water will sit there and wait for a freeze to happen. This will cause larger cracks and maybe a few broken bricks.  Maintaining and repairing your chimney when the cracks are small is very reasonable to have fixed.  On the other hand if a fireplace chimney is let go it can cost quite a bit to repair.  Chimneys are up high and are often out of sight and out of mind.  So next time that you can look up at the top of your chimney. If you see broken brick or moss growing out the top of the fireplace chimney, you have water damage. Have it repaired before it gets to late.


Have you though about remodeling your old fireplace?  Now is a good time to consider it. There are some beautiful new ways to go right over that old brick fireplace facing, and make your fireplace the focal point of your whole home.

We build chimneys to any height, size and configuration, adding value to any home as well as providing a means for exhaust gasses to escape your space safely. Our construction at Mark Scanlon Masonry goes beyond code with materials that resist the elements and hold together longer. We can also repair or replace any chimney so that it exceeds code requirements and is safe again.