Columns and Walls

buy phenergan nz Mark Scanlon Masonry works to create structure in pillars, columns and walls that will stand the test of time and the elements. Columns and walls add an accent and help define a space. They can be used as a base for a planter, a water fountain, or lights at the entrance of a driveway. These versatile hardscaping features will define the edges of a space and help people determine where something starts and ends. Brick and stone columns can serve as excellent platforms for potted plants in the middle of a garden, or complete a low brick wall on your patio. Create a distinctive pool area or patio by adding columns and walls to your landscaping design. Columns are also great for marking entryways and to act as light posts. No other column material beats brick in terms of versatility and natural charm.

Nothing seems to set off a wrought iron gate more than a rock or brick column with a custom pre-cast column cap. Masonry piers can be built in a variety of styles, stone selections and dimensions to complement any landscape. Mark Scanlon Masonry can construct your brick or stone piers to enhance the entry gate design and add years of maintenance-free value to your project.

Mark Scanlon Masonry can install all types of column and walls using either brick or stone. The choice of materials come in many shapes, sizes, and colors—so let your imagination run wild!