Retaining Walls The purpose of retaining walls are to stabilize slopes, providing useful areas at different elevations.

Proper Construction

follow url A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of soil when there is a desired change in ground elevation that exceeds the angle of repose of the soil.  Lateral earth pressures are typically smallest at the top of the wall and increase toward the bottom. Earth pressures will push the wall forward or overturn it if not properly addressed. Also, any groundwater behind the wall that is not dissipated by a drainage system causes an additional horizontal hydrostatic pressure on the wall. It is very important to have proper drainage behind the wall as it is critical to the performance of retaining walls.

Retaining Walls Mark Scanlon Masonry will properly structure retaining walls to resist the lateral pressure of soil. In properly constructing the wall, Mark Scanlon Masonry uses proper techniques to prevent walls from caving in or deforming, due to the pressure of the earth behind the wall.

For more than 30 years, we’ve offered an attractive, long-lasting way to manage soil erosion. A retaining wall will add structure and hard lines and contrast to your rolling landscape. Beautiful and functional, a masonry wall will add value and curb appeal to your property. If you want your retaining wall to last, call us for a quote today.