Historic Restoration

http://theantiqueandartisangalleryblog.com/2016/10/manus-x-machina/ We understand that the preservation of history requires a certain reverence and adherence to the old methods of masonry that have been around for centuries. But we are skilled in historic restorations that will increase the stability and durability of old masonry, giving it the same look it had years ago but with better products that are available today.

Improper Repairs in Historic Restoration

http://lifesciencefacts.com/diagnosis-of-gout/ We’ve all seen masonry repairs that detract from the integrity of the house. A few simple things will keep it from happening to yours. For example, some houses look completely different after the bricks are re-pointed. The mortar is a different color and the mortar joints are larger than they were originally. The beautiful patina of the aged bricks is gone. How can such a stark change be explained? The re-pointing must match the color, consistency or character of the rest of the wall. It is very important that the replacement mortar is compatible with the historic mortar. Incompatible mortars can cause irreversible damage to historic brickwork, including spalling (deterioration of the brick themselves), cracking, and interior mortar rot. The same problems can occur when an incompatible stucco or paint is applied to historic buildings.

Consultant in Historic Restoration

You may know a great mason who is completely familiar with modern masonry but has never done the kind of restoration you want. Maybe he has never built a Rumford fireplace. Perhaps you want your restoration pointed with lime mortar and he’s never worked with it. Or, perhaps he cannot find the materials you need. We will visit your site, source the proper materials and work with your mason, following up to see how things are going.

A consultation with Mark Scanlon Masonry can simplify anything that may be puzzling you. For example, if you have an old home, we can determine if the fireplace is original, partially so or if it is able to be restored. A consultation like this can save you considerable money and give you the results you’re hoping for. Simply contact us and we’ll give you the facts.