40+ Years of  Excellence by Mark Scanlon Masonry

Your job is of paramount importance to us. At Mark Scanlon Masonry, you come first. We want the finish, the features and the final look of your project to surpass your expectations, to be properly built and to be built with the kind of care and consideration that we would put into any project for our own home. When we start a job, we finish it to our customer’s satisfaction.

Mark Scanlon Masonry has been doing excellent masonry with all materials from brick to stone, including Residential Properties. Custom Brick, Stone, & Cultured Stone. Chimneys, Patios, Walkways, Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces. Also, Brick & Stone Veneers, Pavers and Bluestone Patios. Extensive experience in Restoration of Historical Brick and Brownstone Buildings for over 30 years.

Rare Talent to Work with Brick to Stone

Every mason has his own style of laying Brick and Stone, and many masons started out by working with an older and more experienced mason, but this is not always the case.  Many times a person has rare talent for working with brick and stone.  You might call it a mystical connection that goes way beyond hard work, sweat and skill.  Mark Scanlon is one of those masons with a natural talent for working with brick to stone. One of the more interesting aspect of brick and stone working is the ability to visualize the many ways that brick to stone can be used to create something that will outlast us, something of great beauty and effort.   Some of the ways that we use brick and stone masonry in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas are on and around the homes that we build with Masonry Construction, Stone Facings, Stone Fireplaces, and in the garden we build Masonry Hardscaping for Beautiful Blue Stone Patios, Dry-Stacked Stone Walls, Paving Stone Walkways, and other Hardscaping Masonry Art.  As with any practical craft or art, there is a desire for excellence and gratification from our work that we can leave to the millennia.

Your job comes first at Mark Scanlon Masonry! From the process of getting a quote from us through specifications of materials and design we put you first.  We work to create masonry, stonework, hardscapes, and veneers that will last and beautify your property for years to come.

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